Best friends is…

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Best friends is not a label,
it’s a promise!



•October 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

I am not scared of anything in this world!
Well that doesn’t sound realistic, does it?? No it doesn’t coz I lied. Everyone has their own fear.. People scared of something. Do u remember when you were a child? Some might scared of the dark, some scared of the monster that is hiding under the bed and some might scared of the branches’ shadow on the floor of their bedroom, but hey who doesn’t??

And now that u r a grown up, do you stop fearing ?? No!! We have our own monster. Work, career, love, jealousy, etc. But me, lately, my old monster came back. Like monster, monster.. you know?! well it’s not a secret anymore that I’m so freaking scared of fish and my worst nightmare is that if I’m dreaming of fish. *seriousface*

These days I can’t sleep well coz I’m having a FISHMARE!!! :s

In my dream, I was in a middle of the ocean, the black deep ocean with thick water and sea monster in it. There are a lot of fishes with sharp teeth and slimy skin. They are so ugly and scary.

Five meters above the ocean, we, human, are standing on a thin semi-transparent surface. It’s like standing on a land which soil dropping slowly that we can see the black thick water under it. In my dream, it was like someone put us there so the fish can eat us. they eat extremely fast and aggressive. They fight for the human that sometimes two fishes just ripped your body into two.


and When the fish get hungry, they could somehow suck a certain part of the land surface, so the human will fall, and they are ready to catch them with their mouth open wide and the sharp teeth striking out. and THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO!!!

It is so scary that when I woke up I can’t sleep again.
Do u know what’s scarier than that?? This afternoon, I saw a picture of this fish in my dream in one of site that was opened on my laptop screen, only in black and slimy way. scarier and a lot bigger. 😦

Seriously!!!! How can people not afraid of fish?!!!?

P.S. I spent a long time thinking weather I shud put the picture or not because every time I see it, it scare the hell out of me. but I put it anyway coz I think people shud know that fish is a scary animal. and dangerous. and slimy. and disgusting. and evil. and… scary…


Umm.. Ehh.. Hmmm.. Yeah…

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Does anyone here believe in jinx?? People always say that you shudn’t jinx it. because it might not happen the way u’ve said. But it’s also killing you not to tell anyone and share this thing u have. It’s driving me crazy and it makes me run the other way every time I see my friend coz I’m afraid that I will tell her accidently. uuhhhh…. I really dont wanna jinx it, I just want to share my happiness to my friends ( without have to jinx it!) uuhhhhh.. damn jinx!!! arrghhhh…




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I miss u all sexy asses!!!!! huwaaaaa…..

What is Home to you?

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Home.. Is where my heart belongs to.. 
Safe and secure..

What yours? 😉




“She always looks happy, just like never has problems”

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Is there anybody in this world that never have a problem?? Tell me. 🙂

When I stay cool.. It doesn’t mean that I have no problems, neither I pretend to be okay.

I don’t pretend to be okay. Just… Sometimes I found that, in life:

1. There’s some things that we can’t change. It’s called destiny.

2. Things happen for reasons. There’s always a good things behind every bad stories.

3. Life is hard. So I won’t make it harder by keep myself stressing out and miserable. Move on, and get a life!

4. When something belongs to you, it won’t go anywhere. When it’s meant to be happen, it’ll happen. No worries.

5. Everybody has limit. But don’t limit yourself. We got to keep trying our best. No regrets.

6. i try to accept how life is. Less complain makes life lighter & brighter.

7. I believe, when you believe.. Everything will gets better.

it’s not easy.. but i believe… 🙂



what’s worth it!

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When you feel so tired because of very tight (everyday) schedules, hard works, and other pressures.. it would be great if you can have a massage treatment in the end of the day..

But sometimes, plan is just a plan.. Sometimes you got even more!!

Having a simple dinner and great chats with your best friends is just.. PERFECT! Relaxing and heart-warming..